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Scott Training System: Define your abdominals

Body builders have killer abs, their hard work and sarifice always shows!
Body builders have killer abs, their hard work and sarifice always shows!
Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Each athlete has their own view of their training. Why they do it, what their goals are, why they enjoy it, how to go about it. James Scott has a clearly defined system of how he likes to train and he wants to share that through the newly created Scott Training System as he resides here in Calgary, Alberta. Scott preaches that one should "Train like a warrior." Being ready for anything through stylized training and workouts is what Scott is about. A fit body and mind and healthy outlook on life are all also part of his training system.

"A great set of abs is a function of two factors - abdominal muscles and low bodyfat. A major factor is to have a low bodyfat level, usually below 9%, because the less fat on top of them, the more visible the abs."

ISSA And WABBA certified, James was kind enough to provide an example of one of his killer ab workouts that help strengthen the core, the fundamental powerhouse of all athletic movements. The abs support so many other parts of the body, it is ridiculous to think that you can skip specifically training your midsection.

"The main training session I do for my abs is pretty hardcore so please don't do it alone or without the proper guidance from a qualified trainer. But for now let's just focus on my favorite movements in which I have found the most effective for myself and my clients. I combine these marvelous exercises and use them in my training session two times a week. Beware that the above routine is for people who are somewhat advanced in their fitness level and have some experience doing ab exercises with proper form.

I do four giant sets, including all of these exercises, with one minute rest between them in order to keep my heart rate high. A giant set is a form of a very intense set that consists of various exercises. You do them all without rest between them. As well, one must focus contracing the abdominals at all times during the exercise. After you are finished performing the whole series of exercises, you can rest a little, with the amount of rest depending on your fitness level."

Click here for the first half of James Scott's killer ab workout.

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