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Scott's district site of pro health care reform protest


About a dozen Atlanta area members of the progressive political activist group,, showed up at the offices of Rep. David Scott (D-GA) in Smyrna, Georgia, Tuesday, to voice their displeasure with the failures of the Democratic Party, and specifically, their handling of health care reform legislation.

Photo by Perry Goodfriend
Atlanta area members of, take part in a rally at the offices of
Rep. David Scott (D-GA), in Smyrna, Georgia, Tuesday, January 26, 2010. (PBG)

Most of the demonstrators characterized the past year in Washington politics as "a wasted opportunity" for the progressive agenda. As part of MoveOn's so-called "emergency rallies" that took place around the country, Tuesday, they echoed the activist group's call for "Democratic backbone."

"They need to grow a spine," said one party activist, named Charles. He, along with many others at the small event, disagreed with the president's decision to hold out for bipartisanship, saying that was not why the people elected Obama in 2008.

Rep. Scott is in Washington, DC, this week, but the protesters were allowed access to his offices, where they each filled out requests for the Congressman to do what he could not to let the health care reform legislation die.

Photo by Perry Goodfriend
Recent brochure from Rep. David Scott (D-GA), touting his support
of health care reform (PBG)

Despite the current Democratic disharmony, on his campaign website, Scott continues to signal that he supports a health care initiative, saying, "I believe that every American should be confident that whether they lose their job, change jobs, get sick, or just grow old, they will be able to find affordable, high quality health care."

As recently as last week, however, in the hours following the Massachusetts special election that gave the Republicans 41 votes in the Senate, Scott told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that now may not be the time to concentrate on health care reform. "People can’t focus on health care if they don’t have jobs or if they’re being foreclosed on," he told them. "We’ve got to recalibrate and refocus on jobs."

Meanwhile, Scott's Republican challenger, Sonja Sleeper, in her statement on health care reform, promises she will "work towards repeal[ing] the current legislation as passed by the current Congress," saying, "It will not work."

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  • Stan Transue 5 years ago

    How quickly the cannibals turn on their own.

  • Peaches 5 years ago

    When exactly did Obama hold out for bipartisanship?

  • Lisa Frank - Buckhead Examiner 5 years ago

    This is excellent. You are a terrific writer, Mr. Goodfriend.

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