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Scott Oden—the missing author

Scott Oden
Marcia DeFiore

Has anybody seen Scott Oden? Has anyone seen him around? After writing 3 extraordinary books, Scott Oden put on his mint candy striped “where’s-waldo” shirt, hat and glasses and lost himself in the crowd.

Scott Oden is a historical fiction writer, whose works encompass the age of Pharaohs (in 526 B.C.) and the age of Alexander the Great (333 BCE). Mr. Oden holds the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert E. Howard and Harold Lamb responsible for his lifelong appeal to literature. He has also openly proclaimed a strong fascination with orcs. His books include Men of Bronze, Memnon and The Lion of Cairo. A 4th one (The Serpent of Hellas) was initially scheduled to be published in 2011 but then pushed back to 2012. And then…well, it is 2014 and we still wait.

In his blog page, early this year, Scott seemed to be experiencing harsh moments of weakness, injuring his confidence and doubting his abilities as a writer. He described his battle against Depression as a Pankration match, where they “gouge, bite and throw elbows” at one another, keeping him away from his computer desk and his work. In the end, Scott writes that despite being left bruised, bloodied and low, he is able to crawl to his chair and defeat Depression by stroking his keyboard and creating sentences.

That was January…

It is mid-April now and Scott Oden hasn’t resurfaced, giving us strong reason to believe that maybe Depression did get the best of him. Maybe Depression has taken him and holds him captive in some humid dungeon, depriving him from sunlight. However, somewhere within the mountains, his fans gather with sharpened swords and reinforced shields and prepare themselves for the search and rescue of Scott Oden. And across the world one can here their calling.

Will the real Scott Oden fans please stand up.

J. Marquez Jr.
April 2014

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