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Scott Lively attacks "LGBT bullies" for boycotting St. Patrick's Day Parade

Scott Lively
Scott Lively
Bruce E. Stidham / For the News-Leader

During the March 17, 2014 St. Patrick's Day Parade in Boston, Massachusetts, LGBT groups were banned from participating.

In response to the ban, several politicians, including Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh and Congressman Stephen Lynch, elected not to attend the event. Jim Koch, the billionaire brewer of Samuel Adams beer, also withdrew from the event.

Instead, the event was attended by Scott Lively, a fringe gubernatorial candidate, devoted conspiracy theorist and champion of Uganda's harsh anti-gay laws, for which Lively now faces accusations of crimes against humanity.

Like all members of the American Taliban, Lively responded to criticism of the event by whining that the LGBT community and its supporters are being discriminatory of his discrimination.

"The LGBT bullies, including Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, are giving the St. Paddy’s Day Parade organizers a hard time for keeping the parade a family-friendly event, but they are standing strong for family values and not bowing to intimidation," Lively said in a press release.

Lively also complained in a written statement that "The media is predictably crying 'discrimination,' but thank God the United States Supreme Court has ruled that the parade organizers have the constitutional right to exclude anyone they please," he said in writing.

What Lively is clearly hoping everyone will conveniently forget is that Mayor Walsh, Congressman Lynch and Jim Koch likewise had the constitutional right not to participate in the event.

Try as they might, the American Taliban will never be able to prohibit anyone from disagreeing with them, much less to disguise their attempts to do so as defending freedom of speech.

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