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Scott Lively: Anti-gay "revolution" needed to stop demonic gay conspiracy

Scott Lively
Scott Lively
Bruce E. Stidham / For the News-Leader

During a February 26th, 2014 interview with Janet Mefferd, Scott Lively, one of the staunchest defenders of Uganda's highly controversial anti-gay law, insisted that a global Satanic "conspiracy" is "homosexualizing the world" and that only a "revolution" of gay rights opponents can stop it.

Lively's only "proof of the conspiracy" is the progress gay rights have been making in general, which has evidently proven far too much for Lively's already diseased brain to withstand.

"We're talking about the elites represented in the federal judiciary, across the top strata of our society — I don’t think there is really much difference between the Republicans and Democrats at that level — and they are imposing a global socialist agenda on all of us," Lively insisted.

"These federal judges are acting against all legal precedent in favor of this brand new, invented category of human rights; in four thousand years of human rights jurisprudence, sodomy has never been recognized as a human right. Yet now, not only is it recognized as a human right, but it's trumping legitimate human rights like religious freedom and family values. Nothing short of a revolution is going to stop this."

Back in that pesky little thing called reality, however, legal homosexuality is not a new development. In fact, it predates the Religious Right's obsession with punishing it.

This is not the first time Lively has attempted to defend himself with conspiracy theories -- not even the first time he has peddled demonic conspiracy theories. Lively previously came to this column's attention for insisting President Obama is the antichrist and the C.C.R. is a demonic organization.

The American Taliban's war against reality remains as futile as ever.

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