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Scott H. Biram unleashes Nothin’ But Blood on the world

Scott H. Biram - Nothin' Butt Blood
Scott H. Biram - Nothin' Butt Blood
Scott H. Biram

The Dirty Old One Man Band is back with his latest release Nothin’ But Blood, and Scott H. Biram has brought a hefty helping of kick ass music along with him. Not one to follow any set standards in music Mr. Biram has made a living dishing out tunes that mix country, blues, rock, punk, metal and Americana creating an extremely unique style. You wouldn’t think bringing all those sounds to one album would work but then Biram is all about defying what is sensible.

His latest batch of tunes never strays from what Biram is known for. Singing about life, liquor and ladies he paints a poignant picture of his take on these subjects. He eases the listener in with the country “Slow & Easy” and “Gotta Get To Heaven”. The first is a soulful track about getting older and slowing down your life with the latter being a jaunty number dealing with sin. Both songs are bolstered with Biram’s ability to create vivid imagery with his words. He channels his inner punk rocker with “Only Whiskey” a fast and furious song with loud guitars and Biram’s guttural growl detailing his love affair with whiskey. Sticking to booze, on “Alcohol Blues” he pulls off a metal/blues riff extolling the virtues of alcohol and the pitfalls of women. Weaving a tale about playing poker he goes all out blues on “Jack Of Diamonds”. Biram digs deep within his soul on his cover of the Willie Dixon classic “Backdoor Man”. I am pretty sure he harnessed the ghost of Howlin’ Wolf as he growls out the “the men don’t know, but the little girls understand”. One of my favorite songs is “John the Revelator” and his version just became my favorite. As he rips into the song like only he can you get the image of Biram mopping his brow and giving testimony to a tent full of folks in search of salvation. Another treat is the haunting “Amazing Grace”. It is recorded to sound like an old 78 record and with lazy harmonicas paired with water lapping at the shore Biram has creates an image of a Southern river baptism. It is one of the most powerful tracks on the album.

Scott H. Biram once again shows his abilities to take a song and bend it any way he pleases to create something like you have never heard before. His songs are tales of life and when his lyrics enter your ears a mental picture immediately forms to coincide with his words. His music is unclassifiable and because of this it is aimed at anybody that loves music. If you want to listen to something original, something different then give Nothin’ But Blood a play.