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Scott H Biram is back in Atlanta with Austin Lucas

Scott H Biram
Scott H Biram
Scott H Biram

Tuesday night at the EARL the paint is going to be peeling off the walls as the Dirty Old One Man Band Scott H Biram screams into Atlanta jamming tunes off of his latest record Nothin’ But Blood.

There is nothing subtle about Biram’s music as his infectious blend of rock, blues, country and soul infiltrates your cranium and stomping around for a while. He spins tales about life using southern imagery to get his point across. His albums are raw and in your face and when he hits the stage you will get more of the same. A no nonsense type of guy he is all business on stage as he manipulates his instruments creating a sound most 4 piece bands would envy. In addition to the new material expect to hear songs from the massive back catalog this guy has. If you have not experienced him live, this is something you need to get to.

Sharing the stage is Austin Lucas. The singer/songwriter/guitar player etc etc etc brings his punk infused country/folk to Atlanta. His music was made to be heard live as Lucas delivers passionate sets loaded with songs that will stick with you well after the show is over. Be sure you get there early so you don’t miss an ounce of music.

Tuesday night is as good a night as any to take in some live music. Once again the EARL delivers a damn fine night of music that you cannot afford to mix. Get out of the house and treat your ears to something good, and if you see me around say hi.

WHO: Scott H. Biram & Austin Lucas
WHEN: Tuesday June 17th, 8:30pm