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Scott Disick drinking: Alcoholic poisoning sends him to Hampton's er

Scott Disick was hospitlized in June 2014 for alcohol poisoning
Scott Disick was hospitlized in June 2014 for alcohol poisoning

Scott Disick, long-time boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian, was hospitalized in June for alcohol poisoning, TMZ is reporting today. Sources say Scott Disck consumed too much alcohol during his visit to a local night club in the Hamptons. Reportedly, Scott had one drink too many, leading him to be hospitalized with blood alcohol poisoning, a very dangerous condition that occurs after a person has ingested too much alcohol too fast, according to

TMZ has exclusive photos showing the Kardashians reality star engaging in his favorite past time, which included Scott Disick drinking beer and hard liquor. The incident was kept secret until recently when someone came forward to report the incident to TMZ. Disick was finally treated in the Southampton Hospital emergency department located at 240 Meeting House Lane in South Hampton.

Scott Disick's drinking binge comes on the heels of Kourtney Kardashian kicking him out of their home on Father's Day weekend. News outlets reported that Kim Kardashian's sister had grown sick and tired of Scott's drinking, partying and childish ways. Long term alcoholism can kill an individual little by little over a period of years, but binge boozing or binge drinking can kill someone instantly if they are consuming several drinks very quickly in a short period of time. Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning on July 23, 2011. In 1991, Steve Clark of Def Leppard died of alcohol poisoning, as well as recording artist Jani Lane in 2011.

The subject of alcohol poisoning is addressed in the 2007 Lifetime movie "The Party Never Stops." Alcohol poisoning can bring on bouts of mental confusion, seizures, irregular and rapid breathing, vomiting, coma and eventually death. On a night of partying, it is best to have one designated person stay sober in case anyone needs a ride home and in case someone might drink too much and show signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning.