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Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian on the Rocks...What Has He Done Now?

Scot loves his money. And by his I mean his girlfriend's.
Scot loves his money. And by his I mean his girlfriend's.

Kourtney Kardashian has stood by her man Scott Disick through his many antics...cheating suspicions, binge drinking, ticking off her family, etc. The couple, now parents to two little ones, seem to have moved past many of their issues and reached a place of stability. This may be an illusion though, as sources close to the couple reveal that Scott is spending his way through the family's riches like a madman.

Even nicknamed "Lord Disick" by the Kardashian clan, Scott burned through the $2 million he made on the family's multiple reality shows and is well on his way to putting his little family unit in the poor house. Kourtney is much more conservative with the couple's money (almost exclusively earned by her). “She likes to look nice, but she isn’t someone that goes crazy on yachts and diamonds and elegant vacations like her sister Kim," an inside source told Radar Online.

Another inside source tells the online magazine “He puts himself first and pretty much every situation and just makes the wrong decisions – unfortunately, Kourtney ends up getting hurt.”