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Scott Brown Wins! Obama's chickens have come home to roost

Scott Brown acheives upset victory
Scott Brown acheives upset victory
(AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

In a stroke of pure irony, the seat vacated by Ted Kennedy a strong proponent for Obama style health care reform bill falls victim to Republican control by the election of Scott Brown who has vowed to oppose Harry Reid's monstrosity of unpopular and damaging reform to the current health care system that we all rely on. It appears that the heavily democrat state of Massachusetts have slapped Obama in his face for the Democrat's ignorant and corrupt treatment of the health care reform issue. Perhaps Obama's chickens have finally come home to roost. As they have shown no mercy to Republicans in their closed door meetings, partisan politics, outrageous monetary bribes in the millions, it appears that the notion of "change" that Obama promised had little to do with transparency and more to do with introduction of Chicago style corrupt politics. He will fall despite his smooth style of speech because the one thing that offends Americans the most is when they are treated as ignorant and stupid. He is trying fast to set a record to become the most unpopular president in the shortest amount of time. He continues to blame Bush despite his own failed policies. Have Americans become sick of this lack of responsibility on his part? He quadrupled the debt in one year, yet he blames Bush. He sets off to secure the Olympics incurring an unnecessary expense to our failing economy. He traveled to the Global warming summit to further burden America with more debt and damage our economy , and instead Mother Nature gave us the one of the coldest years in the past few decades. It appears that Karma has a way of punishing those who are intellectually dishonest. Clearly if man made production of carbon dioxide has been continually climbing over the years, it would make no sense why this was one of the coldest years in a long while (unless perhaps, man made production of carbon dioxide has nothing to do with climate changes). The ridiculous rush to pass the $700 billion dollar bailout to curtail rising unemployment was yet another abysmal failure which led to the Democrat sponsored notion of recovery as meaning less severe rise in unemployment rather than an improvement or increase in availability of new jobs. The treatment of the Congress as the elite who would not share the health care system they intend on imposing on us is yet another example of their hypocrisy and unfairness. The favoritism given to the Unions who won't be charged for the burden of health care reform till 2018 is yet another glaring example of Obama's corrupt policies that continue to inflame the average American citizen including many registered democrats who are disgraced at the bastardization of their party similar to way peaceful Muslims must feel towards the radical Islamic terrorists who have distorted their religion. Some Democrats have left their party and some have resigned. It has been reported that 25% of the democrats actually voted for Scott Brown over Coakley. Could it be that we are waking up to the fact that we yearn for honest wholesome politicians who will follow through on their promises? Just one day before the celebration of America's beloved Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, a deserved Nobel peace prize winner, a man who preached that we should be judged by our character rather than the color of our skin, Obama made a speech in Massachusetts and trashed Scott Brown and his News ads which depict a family centered concerned politician interested in bringing sanity, integrity and fiscal responsibility back to Congress. Perhaps we should judge Obama by his character, one which we have unfortunately come to know all too well over the past two years.