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Scott Brown surge in New Hampshire presages wave election in 2014

Scott Brown, once and possibly future senator
Scott Brown, once and possibly future senator
Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Scott Brown, the once and perhaps future senator, has moved into a statistical dead heat in New Hampshire against the incumbent Jeanne Shaheen. According to a Friday piece in the Washington Examiner, Brown is running a campaign on national issues while Shaheen is focusing on local, New Hampshire topics. Among those national issues, according to the Manchester Union Leader, is Obamacare. Brown is rolling out a tactic usually used by Democrats and is warning seniors about cuts to Medicare that the health care reform law has enacted. Brown’s position on Obamacare is the same as Ted Cruz’s – full repeal.

Another issue that seems to be working for Brown is immigration. Shaheen is against border security and Brown is for it. Brown seems to be on the side where most New Hampshire voters are. Border security has become increasingly linked to national security as the specter of ISIS terrorists slipping across the southern border to wreck mayhem and death is starting to be raised.

Naturally an argument has broken out about what the New Hampshire poll numbers mean. Hitherto Shaheen had led Brown by just over 10 points/ The fact that the race has tightened even before the end of summer has Republicans thinking that the United States is in for a wave election, in which many Republicans like Brown will be swept into office as a result of a sour national mood, brought on by economic malaise at home and chaos abroad,

Democrats are, naturally, pleased to disagree, claiming that they always were prepared for a competitive election. But this may be a case of whistling in the dark past the graveyard. The Democrats seem to be in that particular stage of grief known as denial. It is a natural stage less than three months away from election-day. Bargaining and rage will surely follow before the campaign season is over. But will they ever arrive at acceptance?