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Scott Bakula to star in the newest spin off of 'NCIS'

"NCIS" is in its eleventh season on CBS and consistently ranks as one of the top ten series
"NCIS" is in its eleventh season on CBS and consistently ranks as one of the top ten series

Shortly after announcing the cancellation of "NCIS:Red,"CBS announced, in September 2013, their intention of creating an additional spin off of the popular drama series "NCIS" which would be centered in New Orleans. The untitled-as-yet installation would air as an embedded pilot in an episode of "NCIS" or "NCIS:LA" in the Spring of 2014.

Scott Bakula ("Quantum Leap") to star in the newest "NCIS" spin off
Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

CBS announced Monday, February 3, 2014 that Scott Bakula ("Star Trek: Enterprise," "Quantum Leap") would take the helm of the newest addition. Bakula,has been cast as Special Agent Pride, a character who is described as a warm person with passion, strength and humor.

The series will feature a new crew of agents who will handle cases primarily based in the south; cases from Pensacola through Mississippi and Louisiana all the way to the Texas panhandle. The series will be produced by "NCIS" show runner Gary Glasberg and "NCIS" star Mark Harmon. There is no word, yet, on who else might be cast in the series.

Are you looking forward to the newest installment of "NCIS?" Do you think it will be successful? Comment below with your thoughts.

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