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Scott Bakula guest stars in new Geek and Sundry series 'Caper'

Caper, Geek and Sundry's latest scripted series, premiered today on YouTube and Hulu. Caper is Geek and Sundry's first new offering on Hulu, but the distributor will eventually offer five of the channel's other shows. In addition to the Geek power given by producer Felicia Day and writer/producers Mike Sizemore and Amy Berg (Leverage, Person of Interest, Eureka), the series has a little extra star power in the form of Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap, Enterprise), who has a cameo as super genius Penny's dad.

Scott Bakula in Geek and Sundry's superhero comedy: Caper
Geek and Sundry

Penny Blue (Abby Miller, Justified) is the show's narrator and the only human in the loft. She somewhat subverts the no-powers-only-gadgets trope by having built the suit for The Machine in Sam Clarke's Clark Industry labs and then stealing it from him when she realizes he's a bad guy.

Alexia (Beth Riesgraf, Leverage) is an Amazon gone bad and then good again. Her criminal mind comes in handy, but also brings her into opposition with half-alien Superman-styled Luke Washington (Harry Shum, Jr, Glee), the patriotic superhero known as The Trooper. Rounding out the group is Dagr (Hartley Sawyer, Glory Dayz), who is an immature, hard-partying version of Thor, but he's not likely to be recalled to take the throne since he has 11 brothers ahead of him in line.

The episode starts out at Clark Enterprises, where our band of heroes-gone-criminal are attempting to escape the police. And then, it takes the story back a few days to show how it all went wrong. The eleven-minute episodes follow a somewhat comic-book-style format, using motion comics for all of the action sequences.

Watch the first episode above, then click through to the second episode to see Scott Bakula. Not convinced? Check out The Geek Girl Project's review.

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