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Scotland seeking independence from the United Kingdom

What does David Cameron think of Scotland becoming independent?
Oli Scarff/Getty

Scotland is wanting to be an independent country. The Scottish National Party, which is now in control of Scotland, is pushing for that independence. According to March 18 report by the BBC, Scottish citizens will in September when they vote on a referendum whether or not Scotland will become independent.

“Should Scotland be an independent country?” is the question on the referendum. Voters will mark yes or no. If the majority votes yes, Scotland is on its way to being its own country.

First Minister Alex Salmond believes that Scotland would be one of the world's richest nations. This is due in part to the North Sea oil and gas reserves. Salmond hopes to an independent Scotland would create an oil fund like that in Norway.

One major issue of Scotland becoming independent is its currency. It currently uses the pound as its currency. The United Kingdom would not be in favor of this. The three main parties in the United Kingdom would not agree to a free Scotland to continuing to use the pound as their money.

The main concern about Scotland becoming independent is the Scottish citizens. At the time of publication, polls were indicating that most did not want to be separate from the United Kingdom. Despite that, the “Yes” campaigners believe that support for a free Scotland is increasing. About 42% of voters were undecided so it is possible, by the time they cast their votes, their would be enough votes for Scotland to become independent.

Scotland has been a part of the United Kingdom for about 300 years. According to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, Great Britain is one of the “world's most successful social and political unions.

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