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Scotland: Muslims "outraged" over puppy pic


This is the cause of all the outrage... a puppy.
This is the cause of all the outrage... a puppy.Tayside Police, UK

The Daily Mail of London is reporting that in the Scottish hamlet of Tayside, the local police have issued a new postcard to inform let the citizenry of the new non-emergency phone number to the police.

Featured on the postcard is a German Shepherd Police-Dog-in-Training puppy by the name of Rebel.

And Rebel has the local Muslim community outraged.

The overwhelming majority of Muslims consider dogs to be ritually unclean, and therefore, refuse to keep them as pets.

The outrage is so great that it's been reported that many Muslim shopkeepers in the area refuse to place the advertisement on thier shop windows.

As The Daily Mail has reported;

"Dundee councillor Mohammed Asif said: 'My concern was that it's not welcomed by all communities, with the dog on the cards.

It was probably a waste of resources going to these communities.

They (the police) should have understood. Since then, the police have explained that it was an oversight on their part, and that if they'd seen it was going to cause upset they wouldn't have done it.'"

Mr. Asif, who is also a member of the Tayside Joint Police Board, said that the police have a "diversity adviser" who keeps him aware of such issues.

Chief Constable John Vine has since stated that he was "unaware of the concerns... and that he would look into the matter."

A police spokesman has since apologized.

Double Standard?

As one internet commenter asked, how many of these same Muslim shopkeepers sell dog food with dogs pictured on the labels?

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