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Scotland legalizes gay marriage for both civil and religious nuptials

Scotland legalized gay marriage on Feb. 4, according to LGBTQ Nation. Following England and Wales, two countries that changed national laws in 2013 in order to allow same sex marriages, the so-called "Land of the Brave" became the third member of the United Kingdom to do so.

Scotland make gay marriage legal on Feb. 4
Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

The Scottish Parliament passed the Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill by a vast majority with an overwhelming 108 members of the Scottish Parliament voting in favor of the law change and only 18 objecting to changing the law.

With that motion completed, Scotland is the 17th country in the world to legalize gay marriage.

Meanwhile, in the nation of the moment to pass this law, a source speaking for the Scottish Government expects the first same-sex ceremonies to take place in Scotland by the close of 2014, and possibly earlier. As for England and Wales, the marriage equality law in those countries take effect on March 29.

By way of background, the Herald Scotland states that the government body "voted to approve the law in principle in November [of 2013] when 98 voted in favor, 15 objected, and five abstained."

The site said that "overwhelming support" had been expected with regard to voting for marriage equality when the law was brought before the Scottish Parliament on Feb. 4.

And so, as 2014 starts its second month, Scotland has legalized gay marriage for both civil and religious nuptials with same-sex couples thriving in this European nation getting ready to say their collective vows later this year.

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