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Scorned wife’s newspaper revenge ad on cheating husband and mistress goes viral

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A scorned wife’s recent newspaper ad exposing her cheating husband and his pregnant mistress has gone viral on the Internet, as well as making international news. As of March 7 and March 6, Timeshia Brown’s revenge ad is still very much a hot topic in such widely varied news outlets as News One, Adweek, Fox News, The Stir and Your Tango, and just to name a few.

In addition to becoming one of the major topics of discussion on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and on Reddit where the story of Timeshia’s revenge ad first appeared, Timeshia’s unique method of exposing her cheating husband’s infidelity has made national and international news and is still making the rounds in major way with no end in sight.

Newspapers in every state have printed stories about Timeshia’s ad, and so have international news outlets in places like India, Australia, Africa, the United Kingdom, Canada and other media outlets around the world.

Why Timeshia’s Revenge Ad is so Popular

The popularity of Timeshia Brown’s revenge newspaper ad can be attributed to the fact that infidelity is a common relationship problem which most people, male or female, married or single, can identify with. Unfortunately the majority of people have either cheated, been cheated on, or know someone who has.

Timeshia Brown’s predicament is one that every scorned wife or girlfriend can identify with. See Catch or Keep Tabs on Your Cheating Mate: These Online Services Can Help. It’s also a situation that every cheating husband or boyfriend fears, and a situation that should make every mistress think twice.

Timeshia’s revenge ad which is short, sweet, and to the point, reads as follows:

I would like to say congratulations to Shara Cormier and Patrick Brown . . .
They are expecting a baby.
Hope you both are really in love and I hope it works out.

Patrick's wife,
Timeshia Brown

Based on the ad’s popularity, it has proven itself to be a highly successful way to get revenge.

How Other Scorned Wives and Girlfriends Get Revenge

Some scorned wives resort to violence as a means of getting revenge on a cheating mate. See More Women are Resorting to Violent Acts of Revenge

Others wives, who live in one of the seven states that still allow, it sue their husband’s mistress for alienation of affection, even though they may be unable to collect if they win. See Suing the Mistress Can Sometimes be a Good Strategic Move and Suing Your Husband’s Mistress for Alienation of Affection and Other Legal Forms of Revenge

Women with cheating husbands or cheating boyfriends can be very creative when it comes to finding way to get revenge. See How Betrayed Wives and Other Infidelity Victims Get Revenge on their Cheating Mates

Another Widely Publicized and Embarrassing Exposure of a Cheating Spouse

The last time a cheating husband was so publicly exposed, it was done by his jilted mistress, not his scorned wife. See Yavaughnie’s Billboard Revenge Shows Why Cheating Husbands Should Check Their Mistress Out

After being dumped by her married lover of 8 years who led her to believe he was divorced from his wife, YaVaughnie Wilkins spent over $250,000 on 3 huge billboards in New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco with pictures of herself and her lover, Charles Phillips, who at the time was Oracle software’s CEO.

The Same Results at a Fraction of the Cost

By publicly naming and shaming her cheating husband and his pregnant mistress in such an unusual and highly effective way, Timeshia Brown has become an overnight celebrity who appears to have gotten the ultimate revenge.

She succeeded in exposing her cheating husband’s infidelity and his pregnant mistress – not just in Sabine County, Texas where they reportedly live, but all over the whole world.

The best part is that Timeshia Brown’s $25 newspaper revenge ad only cost a fraction of what YaVaughnie Wilkins spent, thus proving that revenge is not only sweet, it can also be cheap.

Cheating husbands and boyfriends, and their mistresses should be very, very afraid.


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