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Scores on the Doors with this Infographic Guide to Door Hardware

Door Hardware
Door Hardware
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Doors might not be the first thing we think about when it comes to home design and security but this interesting door hardware infographic guide we found makes it clear that there is lots to think about when making sure doors look good, work properly and are fully secured.

The amount of door furniture available to buy seems to get larger almost daily as suppliers meet with our desire to buy good quality items of door hardware at ever better value. Of course, there is a wide market for the commercial door market but the growth has really been in the home décor market. There are plenty of contemporary designs to choose from – and these are probably the #1 choice for most buyers. However, there is an increasing market in period style door handles, door knobs and other door furniture. On external doors in period home this door furniture adds kerb appeal and offers the perfect finishing touches for restored period homes. Sourcing items for Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian and Arts & Crafts period homes is much easier today than even a decade ago, thanks to the internet and increased consumer demand.

Door hardware for internal doors

Internally matters can be even more complicated. In today’s ‘post-modern’ design world it is acceptable to add contemporary design touches to period homes and vice versa so it really is up to the customer to decide on a look that works. Even when they have decided on a style there are loads of types and finishes to choose from. The infographic shows the available choice even when deciding on the best furniture to just open or close a door.

Door security levels vary throughout any property. Most attention is paid to external doors and again there is a wide choice of locks and security devices that can be used or fitted. There is plenty of advice available on choosing and fitting the most appropriate door locks. Local Crime Prevention Officers will also help as well as your insurers – in fact their advice can help reduce your premiums. One piece of advice they will all offer – buy quality items as poor quality security items lead to poor security.

Finally there is a brief pre-purchase checklist for door knobs and handles. If buying for external doors, consider security as well as ensuring the finish will withstand the vagaries of the Great British Weather. Again, look for a high quality finish as poor items can tarnish and simply stop working all too quickly. Internally, quality is just as important as they may actually have more use than door furniture on external doors.

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