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Score better nutrition with Nuval at Hy-Vee

Nuval at Hy-Vee
Nuval at Hy-Vee
Chandra Wheetley

Hy-Vee stores across the mid-west are helping customers shop smarter by displaying Nuval nutritional scoring on the shelf price tags.  You can now compare nutritional value of food just as you would prices while grocery shopping.

What is Nuval?

Nuval is a nutritional scoring systems that gives foods a score from 1-100 based on their nutritional value.  The score is created by taking into account more than 30 nutritional factors.  The Nuval website describes their scoring system as follows:

"It considers 30-plus nutrients and nutrition factors – the good (protein, calcium, vitamins) and the not-so-good (sugar, sodium, cholesterol). And then it boils it down into a simple, easy-to-use number; a number you can trust to make better decisions about nutrition in just a few seconds." 

How do you read scores?

Scores are shown on the shelf tag, just like the price.  However, it is important to understand the scoring system when comparing items.  Although you want to shop for foods with high Nuval scores, you must understand that not every food item is capable of scoring 100.  The more natural the food (i.e. fresh vegetables and fruits) the higher the score.  The more processed a food is (like cereals and crackers) the harder it is to reach a high score.

For example, fresh vegetables (and frozen without added sauce) tend to score anywhere from 80-100.  Fresh fruits (and frozen without added sugar) score from 70-100.  A more processed food, such as cold cereal, scores anywhere from 4-34, with the exception of unprocessed wheat bran.  Fresh meats score between 24-48, seafood 36-87.

Next time you are shopping at your local Hy-Vee store, take a second to check out the Nuval nutritional score of the items you're purchasing.  It may help you make a more nutritious decision!

Go to the Hy-Vee website to find a store in your neighborhood.  Not near a Hy-Vee grocery store?  Go to the Nuval website to check the score of your favorite foods.


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