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Scooter Braun sits for deposition in case against Justin Bieber

Producer and manager Scooter Braun attacks the lawyer of the photographer who is suing his client, Justin Bieber
Producer and manager Scooter Braun attacks the lawyer of the photographer who is suing his client, Justin Bieber
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

There is a new twist in the attack case against Justin Bieber. Justin's manager and producer Scooter Braun made a shocking accusation during his deposition in the case.

It has been alleged Justin's bodyguard roughed up Jeffrey Binion, the photographer suing the singer. It's been reported the bodyguard was going on Justin's instructions. During his deposition in the case Scooter was having an issue with the photographer's lawyer. Per TMZ the video camera was pointed only at Scooter. He felt the camera should be on him and the lawyer reading the questions. Scooter said to the lawyer "I think it's better if it's on him too, because then his voice is not the only thing that's famous. He can be famous with his face, too." Scooter then accuses the lawyer of leaking deposition videos to the media. Also per TMZ Scooter said "It was entertaining what you provided to TMZ." Scooter saw threw the lawyer's agenda to reveal a fame whore.

Another detail from Scooter's deposition his client is responsible for the actions of his security team. A source told In Touch "He basically said Justin takes full responsibility for the bodyguards himself and has since he was 18. Essentially, if you look back at the incidents Justin has had with his bodyguards in the past, they basically only started after he took control of the security staff.”

Usually a manager would go to the end of the earth to spin a negative situation involving his client. Scooter has chosen to throw Justin under the bus. It's understandable why Scooter did not defend his client. For the last two years Justin has gotten into one bad situation after another. He has had multiple run ins with photographers, had his house raided for weed and Sizzurp, was the subject of a protest when he moved to Atlanta, had his condo in Los Angeles visited by police six time in the same night for disturbing the peace and started a fight with Orlando Bloom. Scooter wants Justin to be responsible for all the chaos he has caused. Justin got off in the egging of his neighbor's house and skated through other incidents. Scooter has had enough of going to bad for a brat that makes him look bad.

Justin may be finally coming around. Per Radar Online Justin was seen hiding his head in Ibiza. He was either hung over or he is finally embarrassed by his douche bag behavior. Justin took a second swipe at Orlando Bloom in the same weekend. He barred the actor from a party that he was attending.

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