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Scooby Sports Snack

Scooby Snax

How do everybody...Welcome to the Scooby Sports Snack! This is the first installment of a daily sports report, designed to keep you informed of major sports stories and happenings. Of course I’ll have my spin and cutting commentary on the subjects…so, enjoy…and heeerrree we go!!

Lance Lays Down…Lance Armstrong has decided he is finished fighting the USADA, after the Association stripped him of his seven Tour de France titles.

"There comes a point in every man's life when he has to say, 'Enough is enough.' For me, that time is now," Armstrong said in a statement sent to The Associated Press. Armstrong called the USADA investigation an "unconstitutional witch hunt."

Hmmm…seems to me that if Lance is truly innocent, he would spare no expense to clear his name…or, maybe, just maybe, there IS something to the charges.

"Any time we have overwhelming proof of doping, our mandate is to initiate the case through the process and see it to conclusion as was done in this case," said USADA CEO Travis Tygart.

Ouch…overwhelming proof…I think I see Mr. Armstrong peddling off into the sunset…

MoJo Misses Jaguars…A.W.O.L. Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew, in the middle of a self-imposed contract dispute, said yesterday that he would love to end his career in Jacksonville. How sweet…hey Mo…if you want to keep your job…HONOR YOUR CONTRACT!! You have TWO years left!! Maybe I could understand holding out if you were going into your final year but you have TWO years left! Come on man…suck it up and play!! What are you afraid of? You led the league in rushing last year…you ‘da man!! Or are we feeling a little slower now a days…hmmm? Listen up Homey…Khan don’t play that crap…you better get to work, or you’ll be on a slow train out of J’ville…

College Football Musings…Next Saturday, September 1, marks the start of the FBS college football season. This will be short…USC Trojans will be very good…Florida Gators will improve on their 7-6 season this year once they fire Head Coach Will Muschamp and finally, this says it all…ROLL TIDE!

And on the Weird side…

Fierce Farmer…Mohamed Salmo Miya, a rice farmer in Nepal, was bitten by a common cobra while working in a rice patty the other day. Now, if it was me…I instantly die of cardiac arrest, the venom would never stand a chance…but not this guy. He CHASED the snake down and bit it…TO DEATH!! Miya said a snake charmer told him if he killed the snake by biting it, nothing bad would happen…O.K…scratch going to Nepal off the bucket list…

Later, friends…have a great weekend!!


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