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SciFi MMO News – Defiance & Wildstar Updates - Star Wars Housing

Wildstar Ultradrop Content Release
Wildstar Ultradrop Content Release
Carbine, LLC and NCSOFT Corporation

Star Wars Still Wants You to Live Here

Take a tour of the new Tatooine Homestead. Bask in the warmth of the dual suns from your very own sprawling Tatooine Homestead coming this summer in the Star Wars: The Old Republic Digital Expansion, Galactic Strongholds.

Watch the video on the official SWTOR YouTube.

Latest Defiance Content Updates

As season 2 of Defiance continues with Episode 3 this week, the game has a few new items in store based on events from the show.

New Shrill Grenades: Parasites with a Punch
If you watched last week's episode, you saw the chewing power of weaponized shrill. VBI's picked up where Skevur left off, making portable shrill grenades available to Bay Area ark hunters with a proclivity for parasites - look for them at special vendors today.

Grid Emergencies Across Paradise
Reports describing a mysterious (and hostile) breed of mechanoids are surfacing in Paradise. They appear to have attacked - and converted - groups of 99ers, raiders, and ranchers who now do their bidding across the bay. Read more in the latest report, and take extreme caution as you engage these hostiles in-game!

Wildstar – Strain Ultradrop Content Released

Explore two new exciting zones. Blighthaven – the battle against the Strain reaches a blighted new battlefield! Blighthaven is dominated by bestial Strain abominations, out-of-control Eldan constructs, and more! Northern Wastes – in the wake of the battle of Camp Icefury, both factions have returned to the Northern Wilds to lay claim to the frozen wasteland.

Other Space MMO News

EVE Online Gets an SSO for many EVE related sites.

Vendetta Online continues their UI Improvements.

Star Trek Online is having a Star Trek Las Vegas Ticket Giveaway Contest.

With the MMO landscape being so heavily dominated by Fantasy settings, it’s great to see the SciFi genre finally having a solid collection of space MMO’s.

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