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Scientology: Will Tom Cruise, Elisabeth Moss be forced to wed? (UPDATE+VIDEO)

Several media sources are reporting that Tom Cruise has found a new partner. This time the actor has decided to be more careful and decided to choose a fellow Scientology member, Elisabeth Moss, as a potential new wife. Elisabeth Moss, star of the series "Mad Men," is also an affluent member of the Church of Scientology and Cruise is scouting Moss for his next girlfriend, Jezebel reported on April 4.

After Cruise's divorce from Katie Holmes in 2012, sources say that he needs a new, younger woman who will help him to win a younger audience. Many believe that the relationship between Elizabeth Moss and Tom Cruise will be successful due to a shared belief in Scientology.

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It is reported that representatives of Scientology have recommended Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Moss to date. Scientologists reportedly want him to marry another member of Scientology. For Elisabeth Moss, it would be her second marriage. She was married eight months to Fred Armisen. Insiders say a wedding of the two would be good for their careers, media attention to both parties would be maintained.

Marriages with Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes were good for Cruise's Hollywood status, but apparently, both failed due to his Scientology membership.

The Church of Scientology has been the subject of stiff criticism over the past few years and the most recent controversy occurred in March when a Texas judge ruled a harassment lawsuit against the organization brought by the wife of Tom Cruise‘s former auditor could proceed, Radar Online reported.

Scientology teaches that humans are immortal beings who have forgotten their true nature. Its method of spiritual rehabilitation requires its practitioners to relive traumatic events or experiences from their past in order to discharge its cargo or limiting effects.

Scientology stands out as one of the recent religious movements, often referred to as a sect or cult and is strongly criticized for some of its controversial practices such as: brainwashing, fraud, abuse and emphasizing legal harassment. Their legal status is often a hotly discussed topic.

Tom Cruise is widely recognized as being the so-called "golden boy" of Scientology and he has been an outspoken member of the sect for years.

What's your take on the Tom Cruise, Elisabeth Moss arranged marriage rumors? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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