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Scientists discover how to change skin cells to stem cells

There are exciting developments in the field of stem cell research which could make the whole thing cheaper, easier, and much quicker. According to a Jan. 29 report on BBC News, scientists have discovered that skin cells can become stem cells when they are dipped in acid, lowering the PH balance of the cell.

Scientists discover how to change skin cells to stem cells
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Stem cells can adapt to become almost any organ in the body, while other cells in the body have a particular purpose, such as liver or heart. So, by bypassing such controversial methods as the use of embryonic stem cells, the near future could hold a much faster, more personalized use of stem cells in many areas of medicine.

These initial findings have been compiled with research from mice, and the research is now being carried over into the human realm. While the new findings have a way to go before being directly beneficial to patients, once the stem cell research therapies are established, these new findings will make it much more accessible.

You can read more about the basic science of stem cell research on Medical News Today.

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