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Scientist tries to kill roommate over accidental death of his dog

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Timothy Oliver, a computer scientist at the National Institute of Health in Rockville, Maryland faces first degree attempted murder and first degree assault charges of his female roommate after the accidental death of Oliver's dog reported

On August 4, Oliver left his three-year-old Maltese with his female roommate while he went to work. The dog escaped from the roommate's care and was hit by a car in the parking lot at their residence on the 6000 block of California Circle. The roommate rushed the dog to the Metropolitan Emergency Animal Clinic in Rockville where veterinarians tried to save the dog's life, but the dog's injuries were fatal and the dog died.

When Oliver returned home, the roommate tried her best to explain the unfortunate accident, but Oliver's rage overcame him. He went into the kitchen, grabbed a hammer and beat his roommate over her head fracturing her skull. He then moved the unconscious woman out of the apartment onto the sidewalk and walked away.

A neighbor found the roommate lying outside with her cat and her personal belongings next to her and called 911. The woman was hospitalized and operated on to repair her skull.

Montgomery County District Court documents state the roommate's fear that Oliver was going "to kill her."

Oliver was booked and jailed and has since met his bond. An August 29 hearing is scheduled.

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