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Scientist invents color changing ice cream

Xameleon color changing ice cream

Scientist Manuel Linares invented an ice cream that changes colors as you lick it, according to an IFLScience article posted today. Linares created a secret formula that he puts on the ice cream causing the effect. No word on whether he employed any oompa loompas in the process.

Linares, a physics professor in Spain, is not letting anybody know how it works, as he does not yet have a patent. There is speculation that it is caused by different combinations of fruits by some scientists, though Linares insists that it is simple chemistry using natural ingredients.. Next time he offers a tour of his facility it seems likely that Slugworth will be making offers to obtain the formula.

Linares pursued what he deems a “Master’s Diploma in Artisan Ice Cream.” We here at are hoping that colleges here in the United States will start offering such degrees. The ice cream itself doesn’t actually do the color changing, however. It must first be sprayed with what he deems a “love elixir,” which then causes the changes when licked. Hopefully the so-called elixir is not the same as a love potion, although we have been a flop with chicks since 1956.

Linares calls his glow in the dark concoction “Xameleón,” from the Spanish word for chameleon. Linares also plans to make an ice cream that glows under UV light and other color variations of this one. Luckily none of these are radioactive, the last thing we need is a superhero named “Ice Cream Man.” Although if Linares falls into a chocolate flowing river while battling a caped superhero on a terrifying boat ride through his factory it would seem a fitting origin story.

The ice cream will likely be available as soon as he can get his patents and work out the logistics, so move over 31 flavors and make room for 31 colors. One thing is almost certain, however, Linares has created a golden ticket for himself.

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