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Science says we could be descendants of SpongeBob Squarepants

On Monday, Fox News reports the latest scientific explanation about man’s origin. According to a recently published study in the Nature Geoscience, we may have more in common with SpongeBob Squarepants than we ever knew.

Could we be descendants of the ancient sea sponge? Science thinks so (SpongeBob Squarepants photo).
Fox News website

The paper says the sea sponge may have paved the way for complex life-forms, which include humanity. The science comes into play because the sea sponge can probably survive in water without much oxygen. Therefore, millions of years ago, the ancient sea sponge added enough oxygen to the deep ocean and created a thriving environment for creatures that need higher levels of oxygen.

In a press release, lead author Timothy Lenton of the University of Exeter said:

“We argue that the evolution of the first animals could have played a key role in the widespread oxygenation of the deep oceans. This in turn may have facilitated the evolution of more complex, mobile animals.”

Supposedly, oxygenation of the water established an environment for predatory mammals, which ate each other. A common belief among science is that predatory mammals have led to the foundation of our current marine ecosystem. Researchers believe that mammals have evolved from marine species.

Additional information about this story can be found at the Fox News website or the Nature Geoscience website.

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