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Science's top nutritional tips for a bikini body

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Hidden in the reams of journals published every month are little gems of information that can help you achieve and maintain a beautiful, healthy, and fit-looking body. Here are nine of science's top nutritional tips:

1. Eating a protein-rich breakfast reduces food cravings and reduces over-eating later. Source: (has videos too).

2. Drink liquids from tall skinny glasses because we pour more liquid in short wide glasses. Source:

3. Switch beverages to water. Avoid no-cal or diet drinks, these confuse the brain and liver and make you believe nutrients are accompanying the sweet zero cal taste, eventually stimulating your appetite. Source:

4. Eat off of small, salad-sized plates instead of large dinner plates if you want to reduce calorie intake. Source:

5. Keep unhealthy foods out of your immediate line of sight, move healthier foods to eye level.Source:

Here are the next four:

6. Eat in the dining, kitchen, or living rooms, and away from the television. You are more likely to overeat in front of the television or computer screen because you are less aware of how much you're eating and more aware of the screen. Source:

7. Use plates that have contrasting colors to the food you’re eating. This helps you more accurately become aware of the size of your portions. Source:

8. Avoid the no-fat and low-fat dressings; they reduce the amount of nutrients you absorb from your food. Source: (Has video)

9. Eat foods that are healthy for the bacteria your gut. Pro- and prebiotic foods help to nourish the bacteria in your gut, and these microbes regulate how much energy you use, determining whether you gain, lose, or maintain your present weight. Source: