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Science reference books to add to your family's shelf

Science reference books belong in a prominent spot on any homeschooling family's shelf. These titles from Usborne Books & More provide scientific information in engaging, educational and student-friendly formats.

Explore science topics with these books from Usborne Books & More.
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Science Dictionaries

"First Illustrated Science Dictionary": Your youngest learners will enjoy this informative and appealing resource, which features over 350 entries. It's geared toward children in kindergarten through second grade.

"Illustrated Elementary Science Dictionary": The next step up in the science dictionary series, this title is recommended for children ages eight and up.

"Illustrated Dictionary of Science": As students move into junior high and high school, they are ready for a more advanced understanding of science concepts. The third book in this series provides a comprehensive look at a variety of scientific disciplines. Separate volumes on biology, chemistry and physics are available, but the "Illustrated Dictionary of Science" combines all three volumes in one cover.

Science Encyclopedias

First Encyclopedia of Science: Elementary students will appreciate this starter encyclopedia, which is internet linked and written for kids ages eight and up. This title is also included in the First Encyclopedia Complete Library Collection, a set of five science-themed encyclopedias for young learners.

The Usborne Science Encyclopedia: This reference books contains over 400 pages of information about the world of science. Over 100 experiments and 1,000 illustrations are included in this internet-linked book. It is available in hardback, library binding and a smaller paperback format.

Interested in purchasing these titles at a significant discount? Many homeschool parents find that becoming an Usborne Books & More independent consultant suits their educational lifestyle well.

These quality science reference books will complement any curriculum you choose. They are a flexible, cost-effective way to maximize your students' scientific learning.

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