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Science Museum of Virginia dinosaur exhibit is open until May 11

Be the dinosaur at the Science Museum of Virginia
Be the dinosaur at the Science Museum of Virginia
Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

Kids and adults alike are going to totally love this exhibit currently at the Science Museum of Virginia.

Dinosaurs have descended on Richmond and you have an incredible opportunity to interact with a huge animatronic triceratops. Kids won't believe their eyes when they see a 9-foot tall, three-horned, plant-eating dinosaur that’s 21-feet long from its horns to the tip of its tail. Now that's a dinosaur!

You can also experience what it's like to be a dinosaur by walking in their footsteps. The Science Museum is hosting this awesome exhibit which allows us to discover more about the dinosaurs' ecosystems and what it was like to traverse the terrain with those massive feet and tails. Computer simulations bring it all to life and there's much more to explore.

Like everything presented by the Science Museum, this exhibit is fun, engaging, fantastic, and educational. What better way to learn about the dinosaurs than to 'be the dinosaur'?

Visit the Science Museum of Virginia website now and learn more. But hurry because this exhibit ends May 11, 2014.