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Science, innovation and development: Celebrate National Inventor’s Day

Each and every day we see more and more items on the market, in infomercials and advertisements that are all new to consumers. These items that are created may involve some science, math, genius, innovation and development processes. May times we look at something and smack out foreheads and wonder why we didn’t think of those ourselves.

National Inventor's Day!

Inventors make great contributions to the world with the plethora of ideas they come up with for new and innovative products for the world to use and enjoy. We honor them each and every time we purchase something new, but is that enough?

President Reagan didn’t think so!

In fact he proclaimed that Feb. 11 to be “National Inventor’s Day” back in 1983. He wanted all the people to recognize the great efforts and talents inventors have and their want to share their creations with the world. In his proclamation he said: “Just as in George Washington's day, inventors are the keystone of the technological progress that is so vital to the economic, environmental, and social well-being of this country.” Now every year on Feb. 11 everyone observes all the inventors and honors their great ideas.

Thomas Alva Edison is famous for all his inventions and still holds the record for the most patents, which was over 1,000. Did you know that Thomas Edison’s was born on Feb. 11? This may be a coincidence and then again maybe not that this great inventor was born on the day that was proclaimed by the government to be “National Inventor’s Day”!

So take time to encourage others to follow their dreams and skills to create and invent something new. Remember all those who have invented items we use daily that we don’t think twice about. For without those inventors life wouldn’t be what it is today.

If you have an idea go through the steps, you never know, you may just be the next creative inventor – enjoy those brain storm thoughts and celebrate “National Inventor’s Day”!

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