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Science certainty and global warming

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If someone were to ask you what science is, how would you answer? Could you explain the difference between astronomy and astrology? Why is one a science and the other not? Most people live very successful lives never concerning themselves with such questions. Our President is one of them, otherwise he would not publicly label informed skeptics of global warming, climate change, and now climate disruption as people who still think the Earth is flat, and the Moon is made of cheese. Science is not consensus, is never settled, and should never be used as political dogma.

One such skeptic is Burt Rutan. He is not a climate scientist. He doesn’t claim to be. He is a legendary aeronautical engineer who has designed many of the world’s most unique aircraft: Too many to list here. He spent most of his career analyzing and interpreting data. He found climate change a target rich environment for misuse of data. A scientific interpretation of data can be manipulated to “prove” a point. An engineer has no such luxury. If engineering data is interpreted incorrectly the plane will not fly and the building will not stand.

No matter which side of the issue you are on Burt’s presentation is worth your time. It is comprehensive review of climate data. Be warned it is 98 pages heavy on charts and graphs. If your time is limited Burt does highlight key points in this article and references links to video presentations.

Wishing you clear skies