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Science and the Texas Board of Education

It's not often a couple of tiny local races can have a big national impact. But that's exactly how it's shaping up in two races you might not have heard about. Because the state of Texas buys textbooks as a single block, they have the largest impact on K-12 curricula in the nation. That's precisely why the state board of education was quietly targeted, and won, by the most extreme ideologues you can imagine. They have already turned public ed in Texas into a national joke. I'm talking about folks so extreme they debate advancing their radical views via textbook versus focusing more on just shutting down public ed completely and leaving Texas students to fend for their own education.

But Judy Jennings and Rebecca Bell-Metereau are standing up for students. Click on either name and you'll see that both ladies are highly qualified, award winning professional educators with years of experience. And if either one wins, together with some Republican board members equally fed up with the extremists, it's the nut-jobs who will be shut down. Texas students and indeed the entire nation will learn legitimate science, real history, and other important topics that will properly prepare them for college. In short, the outcome of either of those two elections could affect the entire country for years to come, but both races are so local that just a few bucks or votes could make the difference. Please help if you can.

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  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I think it's terrific that you are making note of these two great candidates. But they are hardly "tiny local races." Each district covers 1/15th of the state of Texas. Texas has 32 Congressional districts. So that means that each of these candidates is campaigning to an audience bigger than two congressional districts. That's more than 1.5 million people and bigger than 12 seats. Jennings and Rebecca's districts together cover almost all of Central Texas and includes parts of the San Antonio and Houston metropolitian areas. Not many people pay close attention to the State Board of Education; but these aren't local school board races.

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