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Sciatica: What is it and what are the symptoms?

Sciatica is pain coming from the sciatic nerve which is a large nerve that starts from the lower back and continues down the back of both legs. Any kind of pressure or injury to the sciatic nerve will cause pain to the lower back, hips, buttocks, and/or legs. The good thing is that the pain is usually resolved without having to have surgery.

Sciatica pain
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Symptoms of sciatica

As previously stated the major symptom of sciatica is pain from the lower back extending into the buttocks down to the back of the legs. However, pain from sciatic nerve usually affects one leg not both of them. It often worsens when you sneeze, cough, or sit. The symptoms of sciatica may also cause a tingly feeling, weakness, or a numbness. The pain comes on suddenly and may last for a few days

is it sciatica or a different kind of back pain.

Pain is very common but the reasons for back pain differ. Not all the pain that Americans and Canadians experience will be caused by the sciatic nerve. Most back pain is caused by the muscles in the back what makes pain from the sciatic nerve different is the way it radiates down the leg and can extend to the foot. Sciatic nerve pain may even feel like a cramp rather than a pain.

Who is at risk for sciatica?

Pain from the sciatic nerve usually occurs in people between 30 and 50. Pregnant will may develop sciatica due to the pressure on the sciatic nerve from the uterus. Also, people with arthritis in the spine or a herniated disk may also develop sciatica.

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