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Sci-Fi Hotel with H.R. Giger Bar coming to the United States

H.R. Giger Bar inside the Sci-Fi Hotel
H.R. Giger Bar inside the Sci-Fi Hotel

Themed hotels and bars are things that have brought new life into travel, and it is quite interesting just what could come out of the minds of those looking for new profits. Andy Davies and his wife Amy are those people and as reported on Jan. 10, 2014, they are looking to build the world's first Sci-Fi Hotel in the United States and include an H.R. Giger Bar.

The Sci-Fi Hotel is bringing the H.R. Giger Bar to the United States.

Yes, the H.R. Giger of "Alien" fame.

Davies wants to bring the Sci-Fi Hotel to the United States and has already said that either Seattle or New York are seen as the top spots for his new hotel. He is expected to announce the first location and possible opening date sometime later this year.

The Sci-Fi Hotel will be themed around what seems like the obvious, science fiction. Davies has a big attraction to the theme and wants to share it with the world. It's a huge reason why he wants the H.R. Giger Bar as well.

Davies has said the hotel will be "an architectural and stylistic celebration of science fiction."

There is actually a bar in Giger's home country of Switzerland that looks just like the set of "Alien," and it is quite incredible as the slideshow in this article shows.

Davies has been in contact with the world-renowned artist to bring the H.R. Giger Bar to the United States and be a primary spot in his Sci-Fi Hotel.

The Sci-Fi Hotel will have gaming and movies on-demand, a full library, media installations, unique art, design that is right out of films and books, and so much more.

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