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Sci-Fi Culture Shock: Saber Bottle Opener and Pet SW Cosplay


Two new innovations for the sci-fi geek: The Lightsaber Bottle Opener and Star Wars costumes for pets!

Depending on your levels of involving geek culture into your public life, one may find themselves giggling to theirself in pure bliss with one of these suckers.

Imagine unlocking your inner Jedi each time you crack open a fresh beer! It's crafted from Luke's saber in Return of the Jedi, which means you can actually reinact scenes with an authentic replica. A fantastic drinking interactive game.

But took it a bit further allowing the pet owner to share their Star Wars love with their pets. I'm waiting on the day I walk by the beach and see a bulldog, or even better (and funnier) a pit butt, dressed as Yoda, Leia or Darth Vader. Four (4) sizes are available, running $16 each.



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