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Schwarzenegger action figure hero for global warming climate change

Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered remarks and welcomed more than 1,500 attendees from more than 80 states, provinces and countries at the opening of the Governors' Global Climate Summit 3 at UC-Davis.
Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered remarks and welcomed more than 1,500 attendees from more than 80 states, provinces and countries at the opening of the Governors' Global Climate Summit 3 at UC-Davis.
Office of the Governor

Governor Schwarzenegger was introduced to his third Governors’ Global Climate Summit 3 as an action figure hero for global climate change with a “muscle and heart,” by UC Davis Chancellor Dr. Linda Katehi. The conference welcomed more than 1,500 attendees from more than 80 states, provinces and countries at the opening of the Governors' Global Climate Summit 3.

Katehi continued that Schwarzenegger had upset the status quo with his leadership on the defeat of California initiative Proposition 23 clean energy supporters framed as the Dirty Energy Initiative which was funded by two Texas oil companies who portrayed their support as being concerned about Californians losing their jobs.

Californians defeat Oil Industry, next -Washington

Katehi finished, “The world is watching us, now is the time for a national agenda on climate change and to have the government become a true partner. It is time for the United States to lead on climate change.”

Schwarzenegger defended his active role in defeating Proposition 23 in order to protect his historic Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 for which will be his greatest legacy. “This is an historic transition. Any change is not easy and sometimes it can get ugly. We have to continue to stand up to them [pollution generators], buck their lies, and move forward.”

Schwarzenegger’s California to save the world

Schwarzenegger reflected that “Proposition 23 was about the old versus the new, David and Goliath. As the eighth largest economy, we have enough power to push the concerns and solutions regarding the environment around the globe. They stopped us in Copenhagen, Denmark and again in Washington, D.C. There was only one problem left – California. “

California is the engine of powerful economic growth. The clean sector has created ten times more jobs than any other industry in the state. Schwarzenegger in the true terminator style so many voted him into office for remarked, “It was about making their walnuts even fatter. In the state of California, over 19,000 die yearly from smog related illnesses. When I ran for Governor in 2003 I said that if these special interests would try to push me, I would push back.”

Defeat of Proposition 23 was massive

The Governor stated that Californians not only beat the two Texas oil companies who attempted to deceive Californians, but beat them by 22 points with 39% voting yes and 61% voting no to defeat the measure. “We said not only no to their lies but yes to clean air, yes to clean jobs, and yes to a clean future. Our environment is not for sale. We are here to fight for the long run. When the economy is down, it is easy to sacrifice the environment but you can protect the environment and the economy at the same time. The science, the economy, and the people are on our side.”

Environment is a non-partisan issue

“There is one more lesson here,” the Governor fanned. “Too often the environment is labeled a Democratic issue, however, we appealed to voters across the spectrum. Our message was jobs, national security, and public health. Everyone wants to breathe clean air and to drink clean water.”

“So as we move forward, Schwarzenegger finished, “ let’s not get stuck on what we do not agree on but let’s discuss the stuff we do agree on. Let us forge ahead dedicated to our task, and so I say let’s do it.”


  • Orkneygal 4 years ago

    The overwhelming paleoclimate evidence from around the globe is that the Medieval Warm Period (MWP), the Roman Warm Period and the Minoan Warming were synchronous, world wide and much warmer than today.

    However, the MWP deniers, such as the IPCC, US EPA, CSIRO and the UK’s MET Office, will never admit the existence of the MWP because it means that their religious-like belief in AGW is exposed for the steaming pile of junk science that it truly is.

    In total, climate change is complex and not well understood.

    But this part is simple.

    Since the world was warmer when CO2 levels were lower, CO2 cannot be the earth's temperature regulator. There must be other factors.

    In the past, the Earth was warmer than it is today; before the social and industrial advances that have made modern people the healthiest and most prosperous in history. MWP deniers want us to believe that plant friendly and life giving CO2 is a bad thing to better advance their meglomanical desire to both boss around the developed world and further impoverish the poor while pocketing a lot of taxpayer money along the way.

    Useless, misguided attempts to control carbon are not the answer to the ever changing climate.There is only one answer to changes in climate that has ever worked for humanity.

    That is adaptation.

    One of the many links to the overwhelming Paleoclimate evidence of the global nature of the MWP is below.

    More information

  • Meme Mine 4 years ago

    I can't deny denier science as that would be delusional so in my opinion, there is not enough evidence to look my children in the eyes and tell them they won't have kids and it’s THEM that has to save the planet.
    So copy and paste links like bible thumpers all you believers want. Reasonable, independent and logical people see this CO2 mistake for what WAS.

  • real science 4 years ago

    actually, ice core data, tree ring data and other lines of evidence show the Mid evil Warming Period mentioned above. Scientists are well aware of this period of warming, as well as every other period of climactic change over millions of years.

    this period does not disprove the physics of what co2 does in our atmosphere. the lines of evidence in the past and present are very clear: co2 does warm our planet.

    the co2 science website that the commentator linked to is funded by Exxon.

    I would hedge a bet that an oil company is going to fund fraudulent information in an attempt to keep the masses guessing about the validity of the science.

    This is no different from one of the points of the article. two Texas oil company's pouring millions of dollars into lobbying against a bill that will result in lost profits for the oil companies..

    I suggest you take your "evidence" from a site that posts entire research papers, as opposed to one that cherry picks paragraphs in an attempt to paint the ideology you like. don't be fooled by pseudo science funded by oil companies. They do not care for your health and safety, they only care about their bottom line and share holder value.

    Congratulations to Governor Schwarzenegger and to the people of California for standing up for the well being of the people, and not the well being of the corporations.

  • Jeff G. 4 years ago

    Brad Blog had a good report on how climate gate was debunked and the scientists fully exonerated. Funny how no one ever figured out who stole or funded the stealing of breaking into the lab to get the computers. Why is that never part of the story. Besides, are global warming deniers trying to say that this has been a 200 years old hoax? Because the earliest scientific publications describing global warming date back to the 1820's Here is that link-

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