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Schuyler Hoversten Talks LA KISS Reality Show and Local Broadcast deal

Schuyler Hoversten at LA KISS Press Conference
Schuyler Hoversten at LA KISS Press Conference
LA KISS Football

During our first chat with Los Angeles KISS president Schuyler Hoversten, we discussed the road he has taken to join KISS and the business side of running a brand new franchise that was technically build from scratch. This time around, we discuss the two huge broadcasting deals that the team has been able to set up. The first, being the reality show and the second, is the deal with local CBS station KCAL9.

1. Let's just start with congrats on two television deals. I believe, KISS is one of the first teams with this kind of a TV blanket on ESPN, KCAL9 as well as the reality show all in year one.

We’re the only team to have this kind of exposure period. We’re thrilled to be aligned with KCAL 9 as they are truly the pinnacle brand in this market and will fuel our success in our inaugural season. We are also excited that 6 of our games will be nationally broadcast on ESPN 2 and CBS Sports. The AMC Docu-Series is truly a game-changer as it will put a much deserved spotlight on what we’re building in LA in addition to the incredible caliber of players in this sport and their stories.

2. Let’s discuss the reality show first in regards to what is it going to be? Will it be a Hard Knocks kind of show or something else. Will it be more football or more Gene?

The show wont rely on Gene and Paul, as the challenge of what we are attempting to accomplish in such a short period of time makes for good TV itself. Everything I have heard back from the executives at AMC has been overwhelmingly positive and we could quickly become their next big hit!

3. How did you get a deal with AMC a network not known for sports programing as much as zombies.

The fact that a network with such a tremendous track record of recent successes green-lit a 10-episode series on Arena Football and specifically bringing pro football to LA really speaks to what we are building. AMC has thousands of options for programming and we’re ecstatic at the opportunity to tell our story to such a large audience. Walking Dead consistently outperforms the NFL in ratings and I wouldn’t mind seeing our show do the same.

4. Will the reality show focus on the business end of the team, the lives of the players in general or a group of players?

To clarify, it’s a Docu-Series more than a reality show; we’re not throwing office chairs at each other although we do have pretty spirited arguments about things at times. The 10-episode series will tell the story of the formation of LA KISS from a variety of standpoints – two seemingly “misfit” owners of a football team, striving to change the world of football and fuse pro-sports with entertainment like no one else has ever done before. The series really dives into the lives of some of our players, explores how they ended up in the Arena football League, their prior NFL experience, and how they are capitalizing on this experience to get back to the NFL. The show follows all of the challenges associated with forming a brand in such a short period of time, the high expectations associated with KISS style entertainment, budgetary constraints on marketing the team and game day entertainment expenses related to creating a “spectacle” and everything else we need to do to operate the business and the battles we have about the overall brand identity of LA KISS and how we communicate this to the public.

5. Will the show be on the field or about the family?

The show will go into the backgrounds of select players and follow their lives both on and off the field. While much of the attention will be about practice, games, the locker room etc, the show will go into personal stories about our players lives. All of our guys come from interesting backgrounds and they are all here to prove something. I think AMC will do a fantastic job telling their stories and I’m looking forward to seeing it all come together.

6. KCAL9 the old home for the Dodgers and Lakers will be your over the air broadcast partner. What does this deal consist of that was not announced in the press release.

We wanted to align with the best brand in the market and one that would promote our product to the highest amount of viewers. We worked hard with the KCAL 9 team for over 6 months to reach an agreement that made sense for both parties. They saw the value in all the hype surrounding this brand and we saw value in showcasing this sports and entertainment brand to their wide audience.

7. Will you do a pre game show, post game show? Will you have a specific amount of coverage on KCAL9 News and Sports Central?

KCAL and KCBS will give us an incredible amount of promotional support on their broadcasts including features on Sports Central. As of now we will just air the game broadcast itself to make time for their news product following the game.

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