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Schools stay open despite the storm

Snow rages on
Snow rages on
The Staten Island Advance

Many Staten Island parents and teachers were against Mayor Di Blasio and Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina's decision to keep schools open despite the storm. However schools remained open on Thursday February 13, added a report on today.

"In defending the city's call to keep schools open as wintry weather wallops the city, Chancellor Carmen Farina made a weather observation that might turn a few heads," added The Staten Island Advance. "It has totally stopped snowing," she said at the mayor's late morning briefing. "It is absolutely a beautiful day out there right now."

"That comment as she and Mayor Bill de Blasio reiterated that they made their decision early - 10:30 p.m. last night - before snow sped up," added the newspaper.

"We never made the calls on snow days until the morning of and many many people complained about that," Farina said to the media, added The Advance.

"Asked to clarify her "beautiful day" comment - with many a parent who couldn't get their child to school this morning likely stewing after hearing it - Ms. Farina said she meant that many of the dangerous conditions that existed at 7 a.m. no longer did as the school day moved on," added Farina, according to The Advance.

"The mayor has repeatedly said that New Yorkers should stay off the roads -- but asked what those in neighborhoods far from schools, without mass transit, ought to do, his tune changed a bit," added The Advance. "To the maximum extent possible stay off the roads," added the report.

"People use their cars all the time for unnecessary trips, and that's what they should avoid, he said," according to The Advance. "If you gotta get your kids to school, you gotta get your kids to school," de Blasio said to the media.

Staten Island parents and teachers tell us your opinion about the decision to keep schools open. We would like to hear your comments and feedback!