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Schools out for summer: Things to do during the break

Fun in the sun
Fun in the sun
Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

School’s out and summer is in. College students everywhere are making vacation plans. It’s what students across the nation look forward to. It’s time to relax, to revel in accomplishments, and get that summer glow on. While the beach seems to be on everyone’s mind, there are also great activities you can do locally.

Visit a brewery or vineyard

Many breweries and vineyards offer tours. Some vineyards also do lawn concerts during the summer.

Get reacquainted with nature

Visit PA has an excellent list of various outdoor recreation spots.

Go on a weekend road trip

Check out Visit PA’s list of road trips. They include a wide selection of interest areas. Each trip is created around that subject area, whether it is nature, food, or photography etc. There is something for everyone.

Jump start your career

This may not sound like the most fun. However, it can be very beneficial. Take some time to prepare for your career search. Think about scoring an internship for this summer or lining up one for next summer. Many employers look to fill internships during the fall so don't be afraid to start early.

Also, keep in mind not all companies will actively post openings. You may need to do some digging. In addition, take time to build your online and hand held portfolios. Create or revise your resume and try volunteering, it provides experience and makes a great impression.

Don’t let boredom bombard your summer; make the most out of it! Enjoy the warmer weather with some fun in the sun and mini adventures. Savor summer, but don't forget about the ultimate goal, try to squeeze a little time in to jump start your career.

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