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Schools out for summer: Take a sigh of relief to relax the tension and anxiety

Schools out for summer in many areas and that is wonderful for the children but puts another form of stress upon parents who leave the home to work. What to do with all those lazy days of summer they are home and you still have to work.

Relax the tension and anxiety of summer school closings!
Healthy Living Examiner / Beverly Mucha

Of course you have already managed to work out a plan to have a sitter, day care provider or relative watch the little ones during working hours. A plan and list of rules have been set up, discussed and gone over more than once with older children as to what they can and can’t do and whom they can or can’t have over while you aren’t at home.

That does take some of the pressure off your mind but if you still feel tense and anxious about being away from your children while they aren’t attending class you need to re-balance yourself with an easy breathing exercise to let off steam, help yourself relax and feel the tension ebb away whenever you can. If not you will certainly be on the verge of a nervous breakdown if you worry constantly and are too far away to do anything about it.

This little exercise will also help with your hectic day at work or when those little things pop up as they always can that seems to get on your nerves when they really shouldn’t. Sometimes the most minor incidents can get the best of us at the worst possible times.

So when you feel a little overwhelmed just stop and breathe though your nose at an even and slow pace. Then pause before exhaling. When you do exhale let the air out slowly and sigh as you let the air escape. For some reason the sound of the sigh, the longer time it takes to exhale will actually help relax the muscles in your abdomen, jaw, shoulders as well as your facial muscles. It will give you time to not think of those little things that are troubling you.

Repeat this process about six times and more if you need it whenever you feel a little overextended as the little stuff takes over your stress levels. Put your concentration on the exhale and not the inhale of breath. Your body will automatically inhale naturally so sighing while exhaling and letting the air out slowly will help calm the nerves and get you back in the game to finish the day and enjoy more of the summer whether you are at work or at home.

Breathing a sigh of relief will help calm nerves and relax some tension in your muscles – give it a try and take back your power of squash the minor disruptions that get on your nerves!

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