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Schools in; lessons from Pennie Rainer, an entrepreneur's entrepreneur

Training for entrepreneurs
Training for entrepreneurs
J.Thaddeus Corporation

President Obama, in his State of the Union address, suggested that our recovery will “start where most new jobs do –in small businesses, companies that begin when an entrepreneur takes a chance on a dream, or a worker decides it's time she became her own boss.” To support this dream, President Obama proposed a new small business tax credit and taking $30 billion of the money Wall Street banks repaid and using it to help community banks give small businesses the credit they need to stay afloat. President Obama’s offer of financing to spur growth acknowledges that entrepreneurs' sheer grit and determination is not enough to overcome the challenges one faces when launching and growing a small business. Like the president, Pennie Rainer realizes that entrepreneurs could use assistance. The kind of assistance Pennie wished she had when she began her first creative company 18 years ago.

Pennie Rainer, native Detroiter has worked with clients in many cities including places such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta and New Jersey, only to come back to infuse her creativity on the scene. At an early age, Pennie knew she was a creative soul. As a matter of fact, in third grade a teacher told Pennie that she’d make a great commercial artist and whatever that was Pennie set out to become one. Pennie attended the College of Creative Studies and after graduation she hired on in an ad agency. After only a few years of working for a paycheck, Pennie started her own creative company. Pennie, a single parent of a 14 year old boy, has successfully run a company, earned six figures and created new enterprises. One night, five years ago, Pennie woke up at 3 am with the idea of starting a training class for entrepreneurs. Pennie learned how to be an entrepreneur from running her own company. Pennie has taken those experiences and packaged them into classes that she teaches to Metro Area Detroiters. Another reason why Pennie began offering entrepreneurship training to Metro Detroiters is that she is interested in helping a city with a biorhythm rooted in 12 hour shifts to expand beyond its manufacturing past and tap into the creative, that is, the gifts bestowed upon each one of us at birth.

You too can make a business out of what you love to do
Pennie believes that each one of us has God given gifts – freebies- which ultimately allow us to live a self-fulfilling life by turning our gifts and talents into gold. When asked “everyone” Pennie replied “I think people know [their gifts] but may not know how (or find the opportunity) to leverage them. To stress this point, Pennie shared that in elementary school she noted that many of the boys in her class were fine artists but instead of nurturing their artistic gifts they were pushed into academics. Why? Admittedly, Detroit is a city where plan A requires people to operate it factories, work in its hospitals, conduct its scientific research and run machines its education system mass produces workers to fit those profile. This model worked in Detroit for decades; however, in an economy where manufacturing is no longer king what happens to workers when the “machine” no longer needs their skills. What is their plan B? Pennie offers Detroiters classes to help them work their plan B (be your own boss or UCEO™) now that plan A (work for a paycheck) is obsolete. For more information on the classes for entrepreneurs, go to Also, Pennie will be sharing more of her advice in future columns.

You can reach Pennie Rainer at (800)396-5144 or