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School stabbing note written by Alex Hribal before his stabbing rampage

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Alex Hribal, 16, is the high school boy who has been charged with 21 counts of attempted homicide after stabbing persons at a Pennsylvania high school recently. A chilling note regarding Hribal’s plans has been found in his locker. He wrote a note stating that he couldn’t wait to see the helpless looks on the faces of his victims. The note surfaced during a new criminal complaint that was filed Friday in the criminal case, according to an Inquisitr report on Friday.

The incident occurred earlier this month at Franklin Regional Senior High School which is located in Murrysville, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. In regards to the latest criminal complaint against Hribal, the school’s assistant principal Samuel King took the boy to the floor in the school’s hallway. King asserted during proceedings that Hribal refused to drop two knives he was carrying. When asked to drop the knives, he said that he wouldn’t drop the knives because, he claimed, his work was not done. He said that he had more people to kill.

According to an ABC News report, a note was found in Hribal’s school locker that was written on April 6. That was three days before the grisly incident happened at the school. Partially, the letter said the Hribal couldn’t wait to see the priceless and helpless looks on the faces of the students of one of the best schools in Pennsylvania when they realize their precious lives are going to be taken by the only one among them that isn’t a plebian. Plebian is defined in the urban dictionary as a social standing or, basically, a loser.

Following the incident in which at least 21 persons were wounded by the knife-wielding high school student, two students remained hospitalized from the horrendous act committed in early April. Another stabbing incident occurred just weeks later in Connecticut when a high school boy stabbed a girl to death for refusing to go to the prom with him. In that case, the offender was charged with murder.