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School serves fried chicken, watermelon for Black History Month

A private school in northern California is in a lot of hot water for a lunch they decided to serve in "honor" of Black History Month.

Carondelet High School, a private, all-girls school in Concord, served up watermelon and fried chicken, and no one seems to know who's to blame. On February 3, a student announced the lunch over the loudspeaker, and everyone from students to teachers were shocked. Administrators for the school said they didn't approve the menu, and the Black Student Union wasn't behind it either.

Nancy Libby, principal at the school, sent a letter of apology home to parents, and a diversity assembly is in the works. In part, one letter reads, "Please know that at no time at Carondelet do we wish to perpetrate racial stereotypes, and we indeed work diligently to do just the opposite." The school's communication director explained, "We're absolutely very upset that this happened," she said. "It never should have because it does not go along with what we teach here and who we are; and it never would have been approved by any of the administration or teachers."

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