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School SCRABBLE Clubs, a twist on words with friends

A twist on words with friends
A twist on words with friends

Bringing friends and classmates around the game table can be an engaging way to learn. Since games can be an interactive way to apply a variety of skills, teachers are becoming more open to games in the classroom. Many teachers use SCRABBLE in the classroom to provide a fun and engaging way to help kids develop spelling, vocabulary, math and social skills.

To assist teachers in their classroom, Hasbro has teamed up with teachers and community leaders to create School SCRABBLE Clubs. Designed for kids in 4th through 8th grades, School SCRABBLE Clubs can be established in the classroom, as an after-school club or through other community organizations, such as a library. Kids play in pairs which promotes cooperative play. The idea is to bring kids together in a fun, yet educational setting to build confidence and apply classroom subjects.

To learn more about school SCRABBLE clubs and to register your group, please visit

As a way to bring all School SCRABBLE Clubs together, players from across the U.S. are invited to compete for the title of National School SCRABBLE champions. The 2014 National School SCRABBLE Tournament will take place at Hasbro’s new facilities in Providence, Rhode Island on April 25-27.