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School's (Almost) Out

Today was supposed to be The Last Day Of School. Thanks to snow and ice invading our southern climate, the next two days are Snow Makeup Days. What's a mom to do?

You see, my two girls have already missed school the allotted number of days this year. For my middle schooler, we have received the dreaded L ETTER about attendance. It is a familiar letter at our house, she has reached the limit - no more absent days without a doctors excuse. She makes straight A's, in fact has almost a 100 average. She also has the uncanny ability to catch any virus within a 50 mile radius.

My high schooler has had to attend a RECAPTURE day. For those of you who are new to this term- it means that you pay real money for your child to attend school on a Saturday! Yes, you pay. Yes, it is at school and supervised by someone from school. No, there is no class and no assignment. The kids take their own "work" to do. To the best that I can figure, the only rule is that there is no sleeping. That's right. My child who was legitimately ill (but did not require medical attention) for too many days this school year, my child who is an almost all A's student, maybe a B or two, had to pay to go sit at school for three hours on a Saturday and read a book. Her comment, "They all were surprised to see me there. It was like the Breakfast Club!"

Here comes in my delimma: the teachers are telling the kids "Don't come to school these last few days, we're done. We won't take attendance." REALLY? Is this offiicial? What happens when there is that one teacher that DOES take attendance? I keep hearing from my kids; "My teacher said that she is going to be really mad if any of us come on Thursday and Friday." Or "The high school said they will just send us home tomorrow if we come."

You know what? I'm done too. Graduation is on Thursday, we want to go! Not miss it because my kids have to go to school and watch movies! At this point, because I am the type of parent I am, my kids are going to go to school. I'm THAT mom. The mean one according to my girls. I hope I'm teaching them to respect authority - even when it seems pointless.

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