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School Rules Do Not Supercede the Constitution

A long list of Tennesseans were recently slapped in the face by an ignorant school administrator who felt that the words “Bless you” were neither protected by the US Constitution nor allowed under inane rules of the Dyer Country High School where one Peggy Dodds is its principal. All Gore. Chet Atkins. Isaac Hayes. Justin Timberlake. Morgan Freeman. Pat Boone. Daniel Boone. Tennessee Ernie Ford. Well…the list of famous people hailing from “the greatest state in the Land of the Free” just keeps goin’ on ‘n on…don’t it? And now, to cap this list in the year of our Lord (oops, another violation of Dyer HS rules) 2014 a notable dummy is created in global media when she decides to suspend a student for infraction of rules – rules, by the way that certainly do contravene constitutional freedom but appear merely, by those supporting them, to uphold school discipline.

Especially as adults, as community leaders and as role models, we must remember that we are first and foremost Americans, and not some kind of politically correct knee-jerk riffraff that has carte blanche to destroy young lives or inculcate a climate of fear in those over whom we literally lord at all hours of the day.

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