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School rankings for Georgia: Tips from a therapist: By: Ask Jan

School Rankings Georgia
School Rankings Georgia
Photo by: Angel Sinclaudicar
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How do Georgia Schools measure up to the national average? Keep up on what is going on in Georgia Schools. Check out the statistics below and find out how the schools in your area rank.

Demographic profile public schools K - 12.

Georgia Compared to the National Average


Students GA 1,598,461--- National 48,013,932

Schools in GA 2,430 --- National 93,415

Districts in GA 180 --- National 14,277



American Indian/Alaska Native GA 0.1% --- National 1.2%

Asian/Pacific Islander GA 2.8% --- National 4.6%

Hispanic GA 8.7% --- National 19.8%

Black (not Hispanic) GA 39.2% --- National17.2%

White (not Hispanic) GA 49.2% --- National 57.1%

Poverty (Free or Reduced Lunch Eligibility) GA 49.8% --- National 41.8%

English-Language Learners GA 5.4% --- National 9.7%

Special Education GA 12.3% --- National 13.6%

Graduation Analysis

Georgia compared to the national Average

Graduation Rate GA 55.9% - National 69.2%

State Ranking Georgia 49th in nation

Ten-Year Graduation Rate Trend

2006 GA 55. 9% National 69.2%

2005 GA 58.1% National 70.6%

2004 GA 56.1% National 70.0%

2003 GA 56.4% National 69.7%

2002 GA 57.6% National 69.3%

2001 GA 55.5% National 68.0%

2000 GA 53.4% National 66.8%

1999 GA 51.5% National 66.0%

1998 GA 52.2% National 65.6%

1997 GA 55.1% National 65.7%

1996 GA 55.1% National 66.4%

Change over time, 1996 to 2006 (percentage points) GA +0.7 --- National +2.8

Where are students lost? Percent of student lost by grade
Details may not sum to 100% due to rounding.

9th grade GA 37.2% National 31.3%

10th grade GA 22.2% National 26.1%

11th grade GA 17.2% National18.9%

12th grade GA 23.4% National 23.6%

Clearly the loss of students before graduation is not acceptable. What do you think needs to be done to increase the graduation rate in GA? Please send me your comments. I will publish all appropriate comments in upcoming column.

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