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School officials blasted for desire to auction off a puppy

A Bernese Mountain Dog puppy
A Bernese Mountain Dog puppy
Via Wikipedia Free Commons

According to Thursday's KGW News, a Catholic high school in Portland, Ore., was harshly criticized by animal welfare advocates after the school announced that they would be auctioning off a puppy at their annual fundraiser on May 3.

The Jesuit High School had hoped to auction off a Bernese Mountain Dog in order to help raise funds for school programs and financial aid - but their hopes to include the puppy was met with fierce backlash, especially from Bernese Mountain Dog breeders.

In a prior KGW News publication, one breeder stated:

The sale of any puppy should never be done by people who are drinking and having a great time,

“[Bernese Mountain Dog] puppies are adorable but they turn into 100-pound large dogs.”

“Nobody should get caught in the moment of a bidding frenzy and end up with something you don’t know what to do with,

Though the school officials did not agree with those who were protesting their decision, the fallout on social media was enough to make them rethink their decision. On Thursday, the school issued a response stating:

Jesuit High School has always carefully and thoughtfully considered the choice of breeds and placement of puppies in its annual Auction and has provided suitable loving environments for each dog which is placed in the homes of Jesuit families. Certain animal rights protesters, who apparently do not believe a suitable home for a dog can ever be found at an auction event, have criticized JHS for its plan to auction a puppy at an upcoming school auction. We adamantly disagree with the opinions of these protesters (and the means by which they chose to express these opinions), but out of concern for the Jesuit community and the privacy of the responsible dog owners and reputable breeders it has worked with in years past, the school has decided not to include a puppy in this year’s auction, an event which supports need-based financial aid and other vital programs benefiting Jesuit students and families.

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