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School of Roses by Christon Gray

In pooling together experts over the years, Christon Gray has worked on over 30 songs to comprise more than just an album as he sings about the stories of maturing. With attention to the great details, he’s being intentional about the purpose of the project - School of Roses. With his desire to remind everyone that we are just people, Christon does a great job at not beating you over the head with scripture while still filling you up on content.

 Christon Gray releases 'School of Roses'

As he sings about other’s stories, he releases that they are his stories. We are all more alike than we think. You’ll want to connect with Christon Gray’s - School of Roses. We are the same by being all unique in our own way; he strives to be original with School of Roses.

Go back to Collision Records youtube page to see how he fused together the making of the School of Roses on his mini-webisodes.

School of Roses released on Tuesday, March 25. Check him out the array of sounds that he’s merged on iTunes.

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